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Nov 20, 2012 6:00am EST
to unicef to provide education and trauma support for children and water and sanitation services. in cairo last week i called on other countries to increase their contribution to the relief effort which the u.n. has described as critically underfund. however, what is urgently needed is a political transition to new and legitimate leadership that reflects the will of the syrian people and that can end the violence and begin to rebuild the country is regional and international support. on the 13th of november, there was a major breakthrough in doha with the establishment of syrian and opposition forces which has been welcomed by many syrians. last friday i met the president and two of the vice presidents of the national coalition on their first visit to europe. i sought assurances from them in three areas. first, i urged them to commit themselves to gone -- build their political structures. second, i encouraged them to use the next friends of syria meeting -- which we hope will be held in morocco next month -- to set out a plan for syria's future in detail. >> and third, a clear commitment t
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
cairo and oslo, you know, to incredible speeches in 2009, to decisions that will have to be made about bahrain and iran. and if you can connect cairo to bahrain, then how do we feel about democracy, we understand there's a concept but how does it apply to a monarchy that is under siege, that's one. and then, how do we connect oslo as the president talked about just war to a decision that has to be made about the prospect of using military force to solve a difficult and consequential matter of iran's nuclear mission. if you can eventually draw a line from one to the other, one to the other, then that would be a significant public diplomacy legacy. >> i think p.j. is right, the legacy august the, you four more years ago but it's going to clergy been on the outcomes of withdrawal of iraq and downsize in afghanistan and how that goes together goes well, you get a great legacy. poorly, it will inflame the region and in packaged in a. the one thing we've not yet had a chance to touch on in this discussion, is the role of course of china. secretary made big push for internet freedom. i think
Nov 27, 2012 2:00am EST
think the last meeting that took place in cairo regarding syria i think was the first meeting after the elections, the american elections, and i think it was an interesting development this because you had a gulf states, and with europeans and with the united states, these are starting to say, all right, think of a strategy to help the addition of syria, and if the lip service is not good enough, they need help in a substantial way. arming is now on the table, de facto whether it's pronounced or not, and it's not a problem, the arabs do that. the saudis will not, the qat it ars, and nobody's talking about american troops on the ground there. this is one most important development and why is it your important? because it is really now in terms of how will it be taken forward with russia and china? will there be confrontation? the question that's going to be asked and needs to be asked is because strategy is needed is to go to the russians and say basically, now what do you want? the president is there for four more years, no more elections, what is it that you want? deliver what the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3